The reciters

Six of the sixth and seventh graders participated in the pi-reciting contest at the end of the day.  It was great to see the interest and risk-taking that these students demonstrated.  Their amazing displays of memory led to both Soo Young and Saaya breaking the TIS record.  However, Soo Young came out on top--by one digit--at 320.  Soo Young's "prize" was the chance to throw whipped cream pies at Ms. Davis and me.

Photos from the contest are below.  More from the day will show up later.


It's Pi Day and TIS is celebrating math!  Activities are underway now.  Photos will follow.

It's tomorrow! Pi Day!


Grade Six: Math 2 Test and Study Guide

Grade Six Math 2 will have its assessment on integers on Tuesday, March 16.  It will be a test and be assessed using Criterion A: Knowing and understanding.
What should you know? What is an integer?What is an absolute value?Integers on a number lineOperations using integers, including simplifyingProve operations (using a number line or objects)Using exponentsOrder of operationsSolving a word problemWriting a word problem for a math statement

How should you prepare? There is a variety of source that you can use.Choose what works best for you.
Your notebook This should be your best study guide.
IXL Problems in Sections M and N are related to integers.
Textbook I have not used always explained things the way the textbook does, but the practice problems can be useful.Your textbook calls them directed numbers (because the positive and negative signs tell you which direction to move).Look Chapter 13 (pp. 235-258).
Math stories Look at the stories that you and your classmates have written.Try them out.Y…

Grade Six: Math 2 goes bowling with PEMDAS

The sixth graders in Math 2 practiced the order of operations with a bowling game last Friday.  They were helped by remembering PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction).

Pi Day: It's coming!

Pi Day is an annual event for TIS middle schoolers.The math department uses the day to celebrate math and give sixth, seventh, and eighth graders a change of routine.
Pi Day, as always, will be on March 14 (3.14).One of the traditions for our Pi Day is a pi reciting contest.Many students try to learn as many digits as possible and then they have the chance to show what they know.The school record is 252 (the world record is over 70,000).
Here are some pi-related websites that sixth and seventh graders (and maybe their parents!) might want to take a look at:
Anyone who is interested in trying to learn some (many) of the digits may want to look at this site.There are a number of different strategies.One of them may work for you!
Do you want your friends to have an infinitely good day on Pi Day?Why not let them know by sending an electronic greeting card.They are free at .
If you would just like to learn more about pi and P…